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kinda want to nap with calum shirtless and wake up and trace his tattoos and have his eyes flutter open with a small cocky smirk bc it tickles him a bit and he says “do you like what you see, babe?” and he takes over your small dainty hands with his big ones and he just positions himself to put his arms to his chest and nuzzle into your neck breathily 

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Happy birthday, you awesome tumblr person! 😊

Awe! Thank you!!!!

Not So Sweet 16

So today is my 16th birthday and I thought it was going to be amazing but guess what all went wrong today…

•I didn’t get my license because we forgot my Drivers Ed papers.
•My dad hasn’t even called to tell me happy birthday and he usually always does.
•I got NOTHING I asked for.
•I hurt my knee.
•My sister hasn’t even told me yet.
•About 7 people total have told me “Happy Birthday” total.”
•I went in my room upset and nobody has even bothered to knock on my door and ask if I’m okay.
•Everyone has left my house.
•I am stuck alone on my 16th birthday.

It’s not horrible but it’s pretty bad for a day that I thought would be incredible.

…Also, this happened!!!! 😄😄😄


Happy 18th birthday to Keaton,
Happy 18th birthday to Luke and
Happy 24th birthday to James.❤️

Ship please?💕

I ship you with-

Big Time Rush: Logan
Emblem3: Wes
5SOS: Luke
One Direction: Harry
R5: Ross
Magcon: Matt
FIYM: Ricky
O2L: Keaton

Hey can you ship me with someone in R5, please! Btw, you're really pretty and happy birthday (if it is your bday, I thought it was, but if I'm wrong then sorry this is awk).

Well it’s my birthday now! 😄

And I ship you with Ratliff. 😊😊😊

Hey ugly. Ship Me. Thanks you my nig*a b*tch 5ever.

Lol I ship you with

Big Time Rush: Kendall
Emblem3: Wes
5SOS: Calum
One Direction: Harry
R5: Ross
Magcon: Shawn/Nash
FIYM: Ricky
O2L: Trevor